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Definitely not! Lone Star Synthetic Turf is clearly a cut above. In short we have unique products, designed for durability and realism, with a premium backing system and advanced unique seaming method. Lone Star Synthetic Turf is defining the curve with unmatched and industry leading quality.
As with any industry, synthetic turf products vary. So take time to compare their attributes as well as the company that manufactures it. Ask about face weights, stitch rates, backing, nylon thatch, infill options and test results. All synthetic turf is not made the same. When possible visit a completed installation or contact customers who have the product you are considering. Finally, do your homework on the company. How long have they in business. How long have they been installing synthetic turf. Where is the turf made.
Absolutely. In a low-use back yard any of our products will do fine. However, if you have multiple dogs or are looking for a kennel area, K9Grass is the product you want. It is designed specifically for dogs with a new construction featuring our Flow through™ backing and anti-microbial blades for maximum protection.
Since the grass is porous, the urine will drain through to the ground beneath and will not stain the fibers. The feces can be scooped and discarded and the remainder hosed off without harming the grass in any way. However, normal type turf systems have restricted drainage and limited cleanability. This is why we developed K9Grass. Low use areas are great for all our turfs, but high use dog areas should use K9 Grass.
Ultimately, yes. All synthetic turf will fade, ours or others. However, Lone Star Synthetic Turf is treated with a UV inhibitor to protect against fading and UV degradation, and we are going on 10 years of real-life experience in the southwest with our turfs, and all is well. Plus, we offer an 10-year limited warranty.
The backing is perforated and will drain like natural grass. For any area where there is a drainage problem and turf is needed, Lone Star Synthetic Turf will address that problem area.
The sheen will progressively diminish. Some products are shinier than others for various reasons. The wider the blade the more light refracts. And rectangular yarns refract more light. The length of time it takes to "de-sheen" depends on the product shape and the chemical makeup of the yarn.
The grass is priced on a per-square-foot basis which can be calculated by multiplying the width of an area by the length.
Yes, but conditions may apply; please consult with us for full details.
Yes, our grass is perforated throughout to allow for water to properly flow through into the drainage base that has been applied underneath.
Since the grass has no organic composition, bugs have nothing to feed on and, therefore, will move on to a yard with real grass. Fire ants, especially, have a hard time coming up through the drainage holes and will generally find an area outside the grass that has less resistance.
Turf should be rinsed and groomed periodically, depending on use. It should be groomed more often in high-traffic areas and where subjected to animal use. To clean your synthetic grass, use water and a stiff bristled broom to rake up the grass. If the turf is not groomed periodically it mats down. We recommend calling Lone Star Synthetic Turf to have us restore your turf's appearance. We also suggest that you form a path of stone or brick over areas of heavy traffic to protect the integrity of the turf.
According to water management statistics, 75% of the average monthly water bill is for outside use!
Our grass is made of non-absorbing materials that would allow you to simply clean up any spill without staining. A complete care guide will be mailed to you after the completion of your installation that will instruct you on how to care of your grass and clean any spill.
Our rubber is non-toxic and will in no way harm either children or pets if swallowed. A material safety data sheet can be provided upon request.
If you are a do-it-yourself expert we can provide all the materials. Whatever your level of skill, Lone Star Synthetic Turf is here to help.
The grass does not stay as cool as natural grass which holds water, but it does not absorb and radiate heat like pavement, rock, or brick.
Due to the non-absorbing nature of the materials used and the drainage base designed to migrate water away from the grass, mold and mildew are not issues. In fact, our backing is made of an anti-microbial urethane foam and a geo-textile fabric made of recycled plastic bottles.
The grass is non-flammable.
Lone Star Synthetic Turf can design and install any type of project you can dream up. From dog runs to dog kennels, playgrounds to putting greens, medians to rooftop decks, backyards to front yards, we’ve got you covered.

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